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My passion for art and design started at a young age when I dreamed of being a fashion designer. I always felt art was a beautiful form of communication and continue to be drawn to how colors, lines and shapes can evoke certain emotions, draw your eyes to certain places and bring things together.

Through a journey of self- discovery and growing my faith, I pushed past fear and dared to pursue my dream of creating art 5 years ago.

I'm an artist, writer and hand letterer who speaks life into others through encouraging words and designs. I write about art, pushing past fear, having faith and motherhood.

MEET Aisha

I've Learned God invites us to step into our own unique calling that leads to life, joy and fulfillment. 

As a recovering people pleaser, I continue to learn God wants me to run my own race, at my own pace. As I have let go of the expectations of others and taken steps on my own path, it's led to a fulfilling, purposeful life I didn't have before.

Although I had a heart for art and design, I started my career in in merchandise buying and eventually marketing. Although I enjoyed my work, something was still missing. When I started meditating on what I really want to do, God showed up in a beautiful way and it led me to start creating art and designing products that encourage people on their daily walk. I started Free Citizen Co. in 2016 and it's been growing and evolving ever since!

I have expanded my efforts into art licensing, surface design and writing with hopes of continuing to champion people to push past fear and go after the life that burns in their heart to take hold of. I aim to create art and products that encourage others to take their dreams, plant a seed a faith and enjoy the process of it unfolding.

...and that's why I do what I do.